China Communist Party's anti-graft watchdogfinds gold, cash in official's home


BEIJING (Reuters) - China'santi-graft watchdog has discovered 37 kg (82 lbs) of gold, documents for 68houses and 120 million yuan ($19.6 million) in cash in the home of a CommunistParty official who is being investigated for corruption, state media said.


The amount that was discovered in the homeof Ma Chaoqun, who was the former manager of the Beidaihe Water SupplyCorporation, was so large that state news agency Xinhua called it"shocking".


The Central Commission for DisciplineInspection in Hebeihas accused Ma of bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds,according to the Beijing News newspaper.


Ma's case was among several other similarcorruption cases in Hebeithat Xinhua has dubbed "Little officials, Giant corruption".


"The amount of money involved in thesecases is huge and it happened among the people," Xinhua said. "Thesocial influence is bad and the masses have reacted strongly."


Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed totarget high-ranking "tigers" as well as lowly "flies" in asprawling campaign against corruption. He has warned, like others before him,that the party's very survival is at stake.