Armored Electric Chinese Police Patrol CarIs ... Words Fail Us


Here's an electric car whose designersthought outside the box... literally.


It may look like Buckminster Fuller'sinterpretation of the Popemobile, but this is actually one Chinese company'sidea of an armored electric police patrol car.

这看起来有点像是巴克敏斯特·福乐对教皇专车的诠释,但实际上是一家中国公司所生产的武装电动警察巡逻车。(巴克敏斯特·福乐(Richard Buckminster Fuller,1895年7月12日-1983年7月1日),美国哲学家、建筑师及发明家)

Wearing a name as unwieldy as its looks,the ZijingQingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle, it debuted at theSecurity China show in Beijing last month, according to Car News China.


It's apparently designed for use by riotpolice, with the idea that they'll get an unobstructed 360-degree view from thearmored bubble cockpit.


If the numerous hexagonal windows don'tprovide enough visibility (or if it rains, since there are only two wipers),there's also a camera mounted on top of the sphere.


The vehicle is armored to China's Level-Astandard--meaning it can resist pistol fire only--and has seating for two.


Police officers can fire their guns throughslots in the door windows, and smoke-grenade launchers can be mounted on thefront fenders.


It wouldn't be surprising if police usedthose smoke grenades just to keep from being seen in this contraption.


Power comes from a single electric motorpaired with a 15-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Range is quoted at around 74miles, with a top speed of just under 50 mph.


The patrol car was built by Suzhou ZijingQingyuan New Energy Vehicle Technology Corporation--Zijing Qingyuan for short--acompany that specializes in electric vehicles for law enforcement, based in theeastern Chinese city of Suzhou.


The company claims police are interested inthe electric Spherical Cabin Patrol Vehicle, so perhaps you'll soon see theseon the news patrolling Chinese roads.


Hopefully not, though.